Thursday, January 21, 2010

And now for something completely different...

In between some minor burns, skin rashes and feet wounds from walking kilometers with my flip-flops. In between struggling with this unbelievable heat! And I don't mean just the heat, but the humidity, everything... it is really hot. Between 10:00 and 15:00, walking 10 meters outside feels like running a marathon. In between all that, we still managed to get something going here.
First of all, and to put things into context, we went to a couple of clubs on the weekend (part of our research) and I couldn't help but notice that two of the songs that were played over and over (had already heard them on some buses, and some cellphones on the street), were in Portuguese! :)
I looked it up after the lyrics and here is what I found:

Indeed! This song does not stop when it's time to go out! I am sure that Portuguese people reading this will find it quite funny :)
And here is the other one:

Ok had enough??? Look for more yourself otherwise... these are the only two ones I know.
So, why am I sharing this with you? Apart from the obvious fact that it is just plain funny in itself? Well, I looked them up on the web, and got the contact to their agent from their website. Wrote to him, to tell him about this unexpected success and if they would consider coming here... to which they replied with quite some enthusiasm.
Still not easy because there is a need for money, for traveling, stay, and performance fee (if I cannot manage to convince to come just for the hell of it).
I wrote to the head of the Cultural Center here, a very respected man, the elected member of parlement with the most votes in the history of Port Vila. Someone that seems to be very much into the arts and from whom I just hear the best stories, some of which I might share later on, and he replied to me just now. In his answer he suggests they play on a festival here in October called Fest'Napuan, and that they can cover the stay and the round trip to Sydney or Brisbane.
1-0! Now I just need to convince someone to pay the round trip Lisbon - Sydney and perhaps some performance fee if possible.
Let's see, let's see!! Looking good! Perhaps an opportunity to come and do more work here in October??? Hmmmm....


  1. tas maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuco!!! O calor faz mal 'a cabeca de um gajo!! ahahahahah
    Ainda tens que me explicar o que um concerto dos Irmaos Verdade tem a ver com re-mobiling :P

  2. Tem tudo a ver!! Ganhar confianca e devolver algo a esta comunidade que tao bem me tem acolhido! :)
    Não e so vir ca tirar ideias... ;)
    Irmaos verdade rulam!!!!

  3. Irmãos Verdades!!! com um ´s´!!!
    A Luísa conhecia isso, vê lá! Não vou descrever aqui os comentários dela, de uma forma pública :P
    Agora o que também conversámos aqui os 2 foi que podias tentar a (grande?) comunidade portuguesa de Sidney para estudar um interesse pelos Verdades... assim pagavam eles a viagem inicial.
    Ai ai, o que para aqui vai!

  4. In mathematical terms, let's say:

    "walking 10 meters outside feels like running a marathon" + "Kava" = "Irmaos verdade rulam!!!!"

    1/ which conclusions can you drain from the first days in Vanuatu?
    2/ What are the logical possibilities for the weeks to come?