Sunday, March 7, 2010

Going rogue

Having failed my previous promise of being more active in blogging, I now return to say that I will be out of contact for at least a week.

I will be going to the Torres islands. It is relatively close to the Banks (same province, Torba), where I went previously, only slightly more remote... it took some time to make that decision, since I thought the Banks was remote enough for me, but I just couldn't help the temptation. From what I heard, in the Torres, most young people have never even seen a truck (which is a relatively common thing here).

There are no mobile communications there and land-line is unreliable. There are 2 numbers however that I leave with you, in case of emergency:

Kamisila resort (where we will be staying, most likely, at least the first night): +678 38599
Public phone in  Lunghariki village on Loh Island: +678 38565

These would be the 2 available ways to contact me, and in case you hear of tsunami, cyclone, or anything like that... please do!  But most likely they will not work, or no one will pick up... I just have to trust their dubious readings of the sky, or the very reliable "coconut news" or "coconut wireless" :)

When we first went to the Banks, all the Nivans in Port Vila would say "oohh, that's far!" or "that's the 'last place'". So we went there. When we were there, people from the Banks, when asked about Torres would say : "ooooh... that is remote!" or "Torres is the 'last place'", "they are so isolated" :D which was hilarious coming from people living in a small tiny island in the middle of nowhere. 

So, given that Vila has not been very inspiring, research wise, and given there was some time left, we organized this trip to the Torres, the "last place" ;)

Ok, I have to finish packing, and of I go again to no showers, no toilets, no news, no communication, no stores, no imported goods buuut plenty of sun, beaches, peace, quiet, friendliness and most importantly... LOBSTER!!!!!

I should be back in Vila the 18th, although rain might change the plans a little bit, since the "airports" are quite sensitive to it.

Lukium yu!